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Located in the province of Jaén, Úbeda was declared a World Heritage Site in 2003 along with the town of Baeza. The city stands out for being tremendously artistic and monumental, as well as one of the most stately and glorious towns in Andalusia. When you walk around its streets you will feel like you go back in time for its amount of monuments, churches and palaces.

Here we suggest several places you should visit in Úbeda, Baeza and Jaén.


The Chapel of El Salvador, the Cava Wall and the Pottery Museum are some of the wonders that you cannot miss. In addition to these attractions, we recommend you visiting Paco Titos house-museum: an interpretation centre, workshop and museum of the province's pottery tradition. At the Tourist Office, which is next to the Clock Tower, you can request information about the splendid monumental resources of Úbeda, gastronomy, oleotourism, crafts, cultural programming and so on.


It is worth a visit to Baeza, which is only 10 km from Úbeda and is also a World Heritage Site. In this wonderful place you will enjoy walking through its cobbled streets and admiring the beauty of the buildings that make up its impressive cultural legacy. The essentials of Baeza are the Cathedral of the Nativity, the Church of Santa Cruz and the Jabalquinto Palace.


This city known as "Ciudad de Los Olivos" (the City of the Olive Trees") is 56 km away from our hotel and is also worth seeing. In this magnificent town, which is the capital of the province, you must visit the Cathedral, the Castle of Santa Catalina and the Arab Baths. We recommend strolling around the streets of the historic centre and tasting the spectacular local food, since Jaén has a large production of olive oil and it directly influences its delicious cuisine.